File Depot Help System

File Depot Help System

This is the help system/FAQ for the File Depot, a file storage system.

What is File Depot?

File Depot is a program and repository providing a streamlined process providing SRJC email users the ability to transfer large files outside the email system.


Why should I use File Depot?

File Depot greatly expands large file transmissions capabilities. Multimedia, spreadsheet, desktop publishing, and graphics applications create very large files. Emailing a single file may cause the recipient to exceed email quota, creating bounced emails and an array of annoyances. File Depot allows you to upload a file, automatically creates a web address, and then you email the web address to everyone who should view the file. You're done.


Getting Started

User Login

User Name: Outlook user name

Password : Outlook password

Add a File

  1. Enter filename to upload
    Type filename with full path or click [Browse...]
    Clicking [Browse...] allows you to navigate the files on your computer, select the file you will be uploading, click [Open] button. This automatically populates the filename field.
  2. Description
    Enter a short description of the file. This is for your records and will only be seen by you.
  3. File Access Password
    This is an optional field. Entering a password here requires the download recipient to use this password. File Depot will not allow them to access the file if they are unable to provide the password. This optional field may be left blank.
  4. Expire Date
    Chose the date you want the file to no longer be available. This selection automatically removes the file from the File Depot on this date.
  5. Create URL
    Pressing this button will add the file to the File Depot, and create a unique web address to download the file. Remember, you must share this newly created web address.


Your Stored Files

A table listing your files currently stored on the File Depot's server.



Under the options heading, you have the option to display this help system or log out of the File Depot. Also, thumbnail data of how many files you currently have stored, total disk space in use, and when a disk quota is in place, how near you are to reaching that quota.




The dropbox is a place where users can drop files off for you to download. This is mainly used for people who do not have a campus outlook account, but still need to get a file to you that is too big to e-mail.

In order to use this feature you must first turn it on by clicking the dropbox enabled link. Once your drop box is enabled a person can go to and upload a file.

Once a new file is uploaded for you, an email will be sent to you with the URL for downloading. The file will also be put into your stored files area, which you can then download or delete the file.

All files upload via the dropbox feature have an automatic 1 month expire date.


This document was last updated on August 11, 2016